NYC sponsorship recommendations for the remaining dog days of summer

It’s mid-summer. You’re hot. We’re hot. Events are hot. We’ve compiled a list of upcoming events in greater NYC ripe for sponsorship and in-kind donations. Check out these events targeting the fast-paced 21-34 year old demographic.

New York Women’s Surf Film Festival

What: The ONLY active surf film festival in NYC and the ONLY Surf Film Festival dedicated to women’s surfers in the world. Event is free to the public.

When: August 13, 2016

Current sponsors: Rockaway Beach Surf Club, Tacoaway Beach

NYC African Food Festival

When: August 13, 2016

Current sponsors: Not listed

Camp Rosé All Day

What: An invite-only, all-inclusive summer camp

When: August 19-21, September 2-5, 2016

Current sponsors: Skinny Pop Popcorn, Vita Coco, White Girl Rosé,  Monthly Gift, Doggy Chef, Titan Tea, Sharing Box, OneTable, EatWhatever, Me Undies, Rituals, Deep River Snacks, The Drop Rosé

Low Level Festival 

What: 2 days of retro-futuristic music, art and interactive work

When: August 19, 2016

Current sponsors: Uber, Makerbot, The Meatball Shop, littleBits, Sparkfun

The Vendy Awards

What: Annual street food competition series that determines the “best of the best” in street food.

When: September 17, 2016

Current sponsors: Brooklyn Brewery, Santa Cristina, Grown Up Soda, barkTHINS, New York Distilling Company, Volvic, Emmy’s Organic,, ReUseIt, TomR’s Tonic

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